We provide full Executive Search service for companies developing their business in the Russian market and looking for a top profiled, highly structured, professional leaders. We focus on talents that are capable to successfully handle, speed up business in the Region and perform steady results in short and long term.
Successful previous leadership records is an important sign for the best Executive Talent idendification.
Candidate’s background affinity to the Customer’s industry can be also rather important. Besides the general business administration capabilities the best leader most likely has the right understanding of he market, company product application, customers, quality values, sales channels, production and other factors specific for the certain business sector. Consequently the right combination of the candidate's "hard skills" and "soft skills" resulting in powerfull 360 grade competences can ensure the precision of the Company strategy implementation in the Region.
Being team player really involved into the business – that is a natural character trait of the most successful leaders. Absolutely crucial is the ability of C-level managers to listen to their teams, understand market changes, trends and react accordingly. This is our normal search challenge: to bring a talent who is a well balanced decision maker, transparent and pro-active person within entrepreneurial mind. Identification of a candidate possessing business connections and network close to the Customer's industry is a natural task during our search as well.

Roles: Managing Director, General Manager, Regional Manager Russia, Business Development Manager, Head of Business and more.

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Sales targets achievement and sustainable demand generation are the most important aspects of these roles. We chase to find candidates that are capable and motivated to fight for better results.
Candidates’ strongest points should have an affinity to the specific sales concept of the customer and it’s regional business model. Depending on the kind of product, service or project to be sold, “stakes of business” , market sector maturity, "sales cycle" etc. we endeavor to identify talents possessing corresponding excellence. It is important to bring candidate wich is able to deal with the specific sales funnels covering either end users, OEM customers or partners’ (distributors’), or both.
The right candidates for the Sales Management, Key Account Management or Regional sales management roles should be capable to deal with more sophisticated tasks i.e. people management, planning, financing, product marketing etc.
Finally the "ideal candidate" for the Sales role would posess the best combination of the hard skills i.e. strong knowledge of the certain industry/product/region, excellent general selling skills and the personal ability to be fully engaged.

Positions: National Sales Manager, Commercial Director, Regional Sales Manager, Key Account Manager and more

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Both specific engineering background and the general managerial capabilities are important for the successful handling of key roles at any production plant. Sometimes it is crucial that the candidate should know the certain process technologies, equipment and machinery, etc. Strong Understanding of the lean manufacturing, supply chain, HSE, QA usually is important as well. Generally: the higher position, the more 360 grade awareness is required on the job.
There is often a big significant difference between bigger and smaller production concerning processes, management, functions etc. Consequently the successful candidate should “match the company size and type”.
The are many important things at the production that make a difference to the job content and profiles i.e. localisation, number of units to be produced, new product manufaturing start up, efffective access to the local labour resources, production costs, logistics, technical support, EHS, ISO implementation, production lines readjustment, etc
We are focusing on those candidates that can certainly contribute to the customer's production programm. Professionals should be able to understand what improvements can be made on the site and able to implement changes.

Positions: Group Plant Manager, Plant Manager, Production Manager Technical Manager, Process Manager, Site Manager and more

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Marketing can be considered as key function making business moving into the profitable way. Marketing makes influence on many other processes i.e. sales, finance, supply chain, production, R&D, etc.
Therefore while identifying candidates for any role in marketing it is cruicial to get highly educated professionals and those who already have proven success stories including new product launches, strategy development, implementation etc. Top roles in marketing normally reqire 360 grade competences are i.e. analysis, strategy and execution including ATL, BTL, PR and TM. Therefore the leadership and people management functions are rather important.
Depending on the specific vision of each company's branding we endeavour to precisely identify talents possessing required competences in B2C or B2B marketing, PR, E-marketing etc.

Positions: Head of Business, Head of Marketing, Group Brand Manager, Product Manager and more

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Candidate’s specific engineering background and experience in the certain industry is important. While searching candidates for any engineering position we chase for candidates that familiar with certain technology, design or machinery. We focus on the best "hard skilled" profiles. It is important to reach and attract the most educated and cost reasonable candidates that capable to immediately strengthen Company’s engineering practices. The ability of candidate to stay on the same job for years is a kind of reliability usually required. In case of the top engineering roles is important talent's capability to accomplish projects and manage people successfully.
In case of the basic Sales or Service Engineer’s roles the knowledge of specific machinery, automation, electrical and mechanical units etc. are crucial. Besides that the most successful Engineers are also customer oriented, mobile, pro-active and possess highly developed communicational skills.

Positions: Technical Manager, Project Engineer, System Engineer, Service Manager, Commissioning Manager, Designing Engineer and more

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Our market is rather special concerning the logistics industry. Big distances, sophisticated transportation paths, sophisticated customs rules, various climate zones, time zones, - all that make the logistic role really challenging. Therefore every logistic professional is expected to be relible and responsible enough to predict any problem that may occur. It is usually important that a candidate has enough knowledge on the logistics of the certain brand of carco, i.e. food, machinery and parts, liquid , solid, pharma etc.

Positions: Manager Logistics, Depot Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Purchasing Manager, and more

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Recruitment for the Finance sphere is always about identification of reliable and capable professional hidden among tons of underqualified candidates. Some competences are crucial for the right candidate identification: finance management, knowledge of reporting standards, reporting transformation, consolidation, ERP systems, compliance, controlling etc. Finance is a specific sphere where talent's abilities both to keep confidentiality and stay transparent can be equally important. We endeavor to find the most capable professionals, test their skills and identify the most reliable candidates for the short list.

Positions: Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Accountant, Financial Analyst and more

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Business Administration professionals

HR, IT , Legal.

Some roles may seem easier and supportive however the conribution of strong HR, IT or Legal professional often make significant positive impact on business. In the above words certainly nothing new. We just tune our searches to find the most smart, cost effective, able to perform best results professionals. We also try to identify a talent that can effectively and fluently operate in a certain business sector, company structure and corporate culture. It is important that in our market there is an extremely huge variation in the level of competence among professionals of the same title. Therefore our job is in careful selecting and bringing the best talents to the customer, not only in presenting "best CVs".

Positions: Head of HR, HR Manager, HR Business Partner, Legal Adviser, CTO, IT Administrator, and more

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Regional coverage: Moscow St. Petersburg Central Russia South Russia Urals Siberia Far East